Pascual Toso Winery

Pascual Toso Winery where cultivation of vineyards spread throughout the Andes from 22 ° to 42 ° south latitude. This major north-south and latitude variations of the valleys produces diverse ecological conditions, which grow different varieties of grapes,

In general, soils of different wine areas come from the decomposition and disintegration of rocks and minerals from the mountains, and its origin is of the Quaternary period. Because of its short life, there are no generic soil layers in your profile.


In general all the wine areas are in arid hot climate with well defined winters, high solar radiation and temperature ranges that are close to 15 ° C. The annual average temperature varies between 13.8 º C and 18.3 ° C. according to the classification of Winkler, these areas belong to the region II and III.

The annual rainfall in all areas of wine is between 150 and 400mm. Most rain falls in spring and summer. The rain is not enough for vineyards, then you need to irrigate river water or groundwater. In general it is an area of ​​little wind.


The Upper Rio Mendoza area has soil and climate conditions that allow good varieties grow and produce wines of high quality. It is located in the province of Mendoza about 33 degrees south latitude. The average temperature is 15 ° C. It is located near the city of Mendoza. The wines of this region are one of the highest quality in Argentina. As soon as it begins to descend in altitude, the temperature is higher and different characteristics are found in small distances (no more than 20kms). The climatic conditions allow the formation of color and tannins in wine, making them suitable for aging. Malbec is a typical variety and vineyards of over 40 years make the region a valuable and well known.
Barrancas de Maipu
In the province of Mendoza, in the Upper Rio Mendoza area, is the Las Barrancas, Maipu Department. It is in this town, at 715 meters above sea level where they have more than 400 hectares of Bodegas Toso. This is a diverse terroir: a gap of 7 meters, the floor is from the bare stone on which the grapes are rising in all its nobility, deeper soils with green cover.

The resulting wines are an expression of their origin, producing areas of recognized quality.

The irrigation water comes from the Andes through the main river of the region, known as “Rio Mendoza.”

Farm soils are of alluvial origin, there are two well-defined soil types:
– Stony they come from the grapes for our best wines
– Franco-gritty ideal for growing white varieties intended for sparkling wines.

Many grapes are grown in this area as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Torrontes, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc …

Currently, all base wines fine wines are made in the establishment of “The Canyon” and originate, the finest, with grapes from our own vineyards, as this facility is exclusively dedicated to the production and cultivation of fine celajes that privileged the characteristics of soil and climate of the area, producing wines of exceptional quality.

Still wines: Pascual Toso Winery Canyon

This accommodation is equipped with all the means that modern technology makes available to the wine, either its fully automated machinery and stainless steel, as well as their equipment and cooling system, as well as their vessels in accordance with the best technology. The total capacity of 6 million liters per year.

Sparkling wines: Bodega San Jose

Pascual Toso Winery has at its plant in San Jose, the traditional blowing factory by the classic method and modern method Champenoise Charmat. The winery is located in San Jose, 5 minutes from the center of the city of Mendoza. The original winery has been completely transformed and now, sparkling wines are produced, stored and bottled in San Jose. 60,000 bottles of champagne method sparkling wines are produced by a year, and 9,000,000 bottles are produced by the Charmat method.

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